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Welcome to the website of CNA Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.!

CNA Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd (CNA) was incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 as a private company on July, 2002. The principle business of CNA is the design, manufacture, assembly and supply of automotive seating systems. CNA commenced its operation in September 2002, starting with the Kia Spectra model in Pekan, Pahang.

CNA is the main supplier of automotive seating systems for Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. In developing its technical capabilities, CNA has established a strong technical collaboration with Daewon San Up of Korea, the sole supplier of seats for all Kia models. Through this collaboration, CNA has access to technical experties and support from Daewon in the areas or product development and component sourcing.

CNA has continuously involved itself in the development of seats with Naza Automotive Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd for its entire models. Over a short span of 8 years, CNA has developed its expertise in automotive seat design and manufacturing and it is now time for CNA to expand its business with other automotive manufacturing companies in Malaysia and South East Asian region.

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