NGV Retrofitting
One of the challenges taken by CNA Manufacturing is the supply and installation of NGV Sequential Bi-fuel System for Naza Ria and Kia Optima cars. Our technology partner is EngineTech Co. Ltd., a company in Korea specializing in the development of NGV systems for the Korean market.
Our NGV system is a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) based sequential bi-fuel system. The technology comes from a collaboration between CNA Manufacturing and EngineTech Korea, a company based in Kyung-gi Do, South Korea. EngineTech specializes in the development of state of the art NGV systems, in particular ECU technology.
Through this collaboration, CNA and EngineTech has managed to supply NGV systems to Naza Automotive Manufacturing, one of the companies in Malaysia that has spearheaded this Green technology that not only reduces energy costs, but also reduces pollution in our environment.


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