At present we manufacture and assemble major interior parts to OEM automakers, in particular seat restraint systems and door trim assemblies. Our core competency is the design and manufacture of automotive seat restraint systems. Major parts for our products are produced in our plant.
CNA always keeps our customers' high expectations in mind. All our products are engineered and developed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Some of our customers already have a specific need and style, while others turn to us to create products that caters to their needs. Either way, we are always prepared for any challenge you throw our way.
We believe the automotive industry is a big ocean to swim in. If given the chance we are more than willing to diversify our business, even if it is not our core competency. We don't just believe in being a fast learning organization, but also an organization that does not fear to learn. We believe this is what would benefit our customers the most.
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