Assembly Section
Our seat assembly section is where our seats take its final shape. Parts from the respective sub-assembly sections (Metal, Polymer and Sewing) arrive at the Assembly Section, where our assembly operators put the parts together for the final product to be delivered to our customers.
High volume products are assembled on our dedicated conveyors. We currently have 6 conveyors which can produce up to 200 Vehicle sets per shift. Our manpower are trained for multi-model assemblies, i.e. our production has the ability to support different production models without the need for additional labour costs.
Seat sub-assemblies are an integral part of the assembly section. The assembly takes place on rotating assembly jigs to increase productivity to support the main conveyor line.
Low volume production are carried out on satellite lines located within the Assembly Sections. These lines cater for our customers' need for reduction of production costs with a lower production quantity and speed.
Our leather seats go through a heat treatment process after the final assembly. This creates a better surface finish for the leather seats.


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