Metal Section
The structural strength of our seat restraints are produced in our metal section. Stamping, pipe bending and frame welding are produced in house in our metal section.
The frame welding line is comprehensively set up to maximize productivity and efficiency, thus reducing production costs and lead time, which in turn is transferred to the customer in lower costs.
Our slider mechanisms are stamped and welded in-house, warmed up with our 2 units of Slider Warming-up Machines. This process delivers the smooth and quiet sliding action of our seats.
Our 10 units of stamping machines support the welding line by producing the child parts for our seat frames. Machine tonnage varies from 80 tonnes to 200 tonnes.
Our 2 spot welding machines are used for the welding of weld nuts and other stamped parts.
We also have 3 units of welding robots for the automatic welding operations of our high volume models. This reduces the risk of welding defects from manual welding operations.
Our pipe bending machine produces the frame pipes for the structure of our seat frames.


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