CNA Manufacturing has never downplayed the importance of having good relationships with our technical partners. Through our technical partners, technology is transferred to the local automotive industry. Not only do they contribute towards the design and validation of our products, their expertise is transferred to the development of Malaysia's local automotive industry.

Daewon San Up is a company based on South Korea, and has been our technical since the establishment of CNA Manufacturing's R&D center in 2004.. They are the principle supplier for automotive seat restraint systems for Kia Motor Corporation. Through our partnership with Daewon, we are capable of design support as in CAE analysis and validation testing. Daewon San Up also provides support in terms of CKD seat mechanisms and frames for some ofour production models.

EngineTech Co. Ltd. is based in South Korea, and provides technical support in the development of NGV systems for CNA Manufacturing. Through our collaboration, CNA Manufacturing and Enginetech developed the Sequential NGV System for Naza Ria and Kia Optima models.


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