C.N.A Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. Research & Development Department is lead by Mr. Shin Wan Su, an experienced seat designer from his 20 year tenure with Kia Motor Corporation. Assisted by both Korean and local design talent, The department is capable of admirable seat design using high-end  design software. Our Sliders, Recliners and other seating Mechanisms and systems are locally designed and developed by our engineers.
Design Facilities
CNA Manufacturing's R&D Department utilizes Dassault Systemes' CATIA V5 for its designs. We utilize both solid and surface modeling in order to design the products to our customers' specifications.
PU Paddings are designed using the CATIA surface design modules. Engineering designs are created from either skin surfaces provided by our customers or reversed from a styling clay model. Either way design issues are resolved at the CAD stage to reduce reparation costs from errors at the tooling development stages.
Trim cover template layouts are digitized from hand drawn templates with our self-developed tracing methods
Seat mechanisms are also designed in our department. Our signature design is the Naza Citra 2nd Seat Slider Mechanism, which is fully designed and developed locally.


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