Styling & Prototyping
Steel Frames, PU Paddings and Trim Covers are created in our Prototype Section, for both styling and product realization purposes. Parts are hand made based on styling drawings or customer input and then ideas are transformed into tangible articles by our expert prototyping team.
A picture says a thousand words, and as a business this is a key element in communicating with our customers. Through styling sketches, our engineers know that we are talking on the same page, not only technically, but visually as well.
Our samples can be crafted by our engineers for you to feel your ideas in actual, not just on paper. Fabricated by hand, from a styling sketch provided by our customers or drawn by our own designers, our samples are built up to size, so the customer knows exactly how the product will look and feel when placed in the cabin.
Our trim section blankets the seat in its skin, stylized based on our customers' needs.


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