Design Validation & Testing
Our design validation facilities are supported by our Technical Partner, Daewon San Up. Located in South Korea, our partnership has given us access to a wide range of testing equipment and machinery.
Proper project costing and product realization includes a solid Design Validation Plan (DVP), which includes all regulatory and reliability tests into the design package. Even upon project kick off, careful consideration is given to the customer’s homologation targets, and design targets are identified to ensure compliance to the target market’s laws and regulations.Our engineers are constantly checking for updates on new regulations from the FMVSS and UNECE regulations.
Testing facilities located in Daewon San Up, Korea
Fatigue Tester (ES 88000)
Durability Tester (ES 88010)
Double Folding Endurance Tester (ES 88750)
Slider and Recliner Durability Tester (ES 88420)
Seat Belt Anchorage Test (ES 88001-2)
Vibration Test (ES 88001)


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