CNA Manufacturing is your one stop center to convert your ideas into tangible products. Our in house capabilities, combined with our technical partners and capable supply chain, is more than ready to cater to your needs.

The creation of our interior systems begin digitally, on our design workstations. Our R&D department utilizes the latest CAD software to design the neccessary elements in the construction of our seat restraint systems.

Even at this stage, our engineers are already well aware of our customers' cost, quality and delivery requirements. We believe that this will give the best value to our customers at the most competitive prices.

Safety and reliability are key elements in our products. Our technical partners in Korea house our seat testing facilities. Our seats can be homologated to FMVSS, UNECE, ADR or any specific regulatory safety standards based on our customers' needs. Based on your needs, we also ensure our designs are manufactured with in built reliability and durability. We want our customers to not only receive quality at the point of sales, but years after continued use.
Many of our parts are produced in house in CNA Manufacturing's production facility. From frames to trim covers, CNA's production capability expands to cater for our customers localization and cost reduction needs. Through our ISO TS16949 certification, we employ the best practices to ensure that the quality, cost and delivery of our products.

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